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Here are a couple of good things to know:

I’m a big fan of email.
I almost never meet with clients in person, as I work with clients all over the world - and I’m often traveling while working. We’ll communicate through email (and the occasional Skype call when needed).

I’m flexible with format.
I can work in any format that’s convenient for you, like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or Apple Pages. Most clients choose Google Docs, because it’s online, always synced, and easy to add comments.

Your copy is a collaboration.
While I’ll be doing all the heavy lifting, you need to be available for input and feedback along the way. Before I start writing, you’ll need to provide information about your project, target audience, and end goals. As I work through first and second drafts, you’ll need to share your feedback in a timely manner about what you like and what you want to see changed. By collaborating this way, we end up with copy that you absolutely love!